“Late Night Cereal with George” or “Cheerios to You”

I’m sitting here eating a bowl of cereal and thinking of that night that George Carlin invited me and about 12 other folks to join him in his room after a night of stand-up.

We were in Nashville, TN.  I think it was around 1982, I’m a little fuzzy on the date, but not on the event. I had flown over to Nashville with some friends to enjoy an anonymous weekend in a different city and got a suite at my favorite hotel, a small little private hotel (a boutique hotel, I guess it would be called nowadays) frequented by the music industry.  It was called the Close Quarters, and I’m not sure whether it even exists anymore.

I walked out of my room to go down to the bar for supplies, when out of the room across the hall came George Carlin.  He looks at me and says, ” So, you’re the one that got the nice room (there being only 1 or 2 suites in the tiny hotel).  After a little chitchat he proceeds to invite me to his concert that night, back stage passes, and all. The show was fabulous, and what a nice surprise to get that open invitation. After the show we all head back to the hotel for a late night gathering in his room, where we all had bowls of cereal and watched cartoons (I think). No Sex, No Drugs, no RocknRoll, just good clean FUN! It was the kind of night you don’t forget, he was the kind of guy not easily forgotten.


Good night George, thanks for those one-of-a-kind memories, buddy!


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