Kentuck…a place of art and love and so much more!

kentuckheader-1Hello Beautiful People…this means YOU!

I just got home from the Kentuck Festival in Tuscaloosa, AL.   What a fabulous show… It is unlike any other show that I do, with it’s quirky combination of Contemporary Fine art, Folk/Outsider art, fantastic Music, & great Demos. All in a setting that is fun & funky all at once.

But most of all is is the people…I feel the love when I am there, I feel the appreciation from the collectors, the festival staff, and most of all, from my fellow artists.  It’s like one big old hug, a festival of love.  I feel happy and so alive when I’m there.  I get to spend time with artist friends that I might only see there, so I look forward each and every year to this wonderous event.

I highly recommend the trip over to this festival, you will have the time of your life…you can check it out at:

Peace, Love & Kentuck,

Your Pal Jeanne


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