BIG FUN…You Gotta Get Some…

OK… all you Thrill Seekers!   Here’s some FUN you just can’t pass up:

More fun than one person can stand...
More fun than one person can stand...

The Doo-Nanny is Saturday March 28th (if you can’t have a good time at a show with a name like this, you oughta just go ahead and hang it up).  The festivities are from 10-5.  There’s gonna be Outsider Art, Music, Film Festival, Fortune–Telling chickens, you name it and some crazy artist has thought of it.

Come on down to Seale, AL to the property of Butch Anthony (artist extraordinaire and proprietor of the Museum of Wonder) and have yourself a good time. Just a short two hour drive from the ATL, but a whole world away.

I went to this as a spectator last year with my friend Katherine and we had so much fun, that I vowed to return, and so I will be there as an exhibiting artist this year. And I will have a little interactive sideshow going (I can’t give all my secrets away) that you’re gonna wanna get in on!

Pile up in your car, bring your friends, and come on down…it’s a trip you won’t soon forget!

For more info:


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