Kentuck Festival of the Arts!

Some things are worth the wait!  Kentuck Festival of the Arts is celebrating 40 years of rockin’ the art scene!!  If you haven’t yet made it to the Kentuck Festival, you need to get on over this weekend Sat & Sun Oct 15th & 16th to Tuscaloosa, AL (Northport). This is one of my all time favorite festivals…it is a good time just waiting for you! There’s great Art (Outsider & Contemporary), the best line-up of Artists you’ll ever want to meet, and then there’s tons of Music, Food, & Demos!

The festival has been designated a Top Ten Art Festival by American Style magazine and is a great show that you really should pop for this year, so load up the car & head on over on Sat & Sun 9am-5pm.

You an find me in my usual spot # H-27, come by for a visit & some laughs.  Oh…and did I mention this is the first time in 3 years you won’t have to compete with a major football game to get to the show?

for more info:


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