Let the countdown begin…for the Doo-Nanny Outsider Art Show! An astounding group of artist get together for this once a year event and set up on this gorgeous 80-acre private farm in Seale, AL.  We’ll have a 24-hour “lo-fi” Film Festival, Food, Music, Experimental Architecture & tons of Mirth Making!  Big Sculptural Bonfire Burn, Spa Village, Tree Houses with Mini-bars, Solar Showers, Worm Powered Outhouses, Spontaneous Merriment & did I mention ART, ART, ART!  Saturday, March 31st, 2012 from 10am-5pm.

Jump in your car (it’s only a 2 hr drive from Atlanta), bring along some friends & prepare to be amazed!  41 Poorhouse Rd. Seale, AL  36875  (near Columbus, GA).  A $10 donation gets you in all day & night!  Come see my new Shack-a-Doo!….I built it last year and you’ve gotta see it.  Seriously.

Doo-Nanny 2013 : March 29th-31st.  Get it on your calendar, NOW!

My Shack-a-Doo! in progress…a tiny view of my Shack-a-Doo in progress!

For more info

The New York Times article about the Doo-Nanny 2010.

Another nice article written last year for first-timers at the Doo


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