Self Portraits-The iPad show!

When I first got the call to submit a piece for this show, I thought hmmm….how much do I reveal?  how much do I keep private?  Self Portraits-the iPad Show opens Thursday (Oct 10th) from 5pm-7pm at Inman Perk in the Gainesville, GA.  If you’re in or around Gainesville put this on your calendar and get over to this cool space for a fresh new exhibition featuring 14 artists. There will be some amazing work created by some mighty talented artists from across the country and you don’t want to miss it!

Diptic-Self Portrait-iPad ShowMy piece is titled “Self Portrait-A Look Inside”  Portrait, autobiographical vingette, & 6 test tubes containing objects from my studio, including:

Stainless Steel mesh, Bronze & Copper remnants & Silver heart , Paintbrush, Feathers-Woodpecker & Blue Jay, Riverstones, SeaShells

Inman Perk is located at: 102 Washington St, SW  Gainesville, GA 30501




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